United States of America Edit

The United States of America founded on March 15th 2015 by Jollyholly15. Associate founders were refugees from Verbero's and AmericanPatron's USA mainly Oliveabuse, EmperorSimon, and JJRozee.

Current Leadership of the United States Edit

  1. President.| OliveAbuse (R) (2nd) (Virginia)
  2. Vice President.| MarkWagner14 (R) (2nd) (Wisconsin)
  3. Speaker.| Bloxros29 (R) (3rd) (Virginia)
  4. President Pro Tempore.| AlexanderChaseMD (R) (2nd) (New Jersey)
  5. Secretary of State.| ClaudePellefort (R) (I) (France)
  6. Secretary of Treasury.| N/A
  7. Secretary of Defense.| Ajtanner (R) (3rd) (Britian)
  8. Attorney General.| Credicard (R) (2nd) (Canada)
  9. Secretary of the Interior.| N/A
  10. Secretary of Commerce.| N/A
  11. Secretary of Labor.| N/A
  12. Secretary of Health and Human Services.| N/A
  13. Secretary of Homeland Security.| N/A

Not in the line of succession Edit

  1. Chief Justice JJRozee (R) (1st) (Canada)
  2. White House Chief of Staff Orderofthearrow303 (R) (4th) (Colorado)
  3. White House Press Secretary N/A

Conflicts in the United States Edit

The United States has been in No Conflicts.

United States Foreign Policy Edit

United States is currently in no Foreign Orginisations and maintains active diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China.

States in the Union Edit

  1. Columbia.| Mayor.| Oliveabuse (R) (1st) (Virgina)
  2. New York.| Governor.| ErikSeay (I) (5th) (New Jersey)
  3. New Jersey.| AlanzoMatsonMd.| (D) (12th) (Ohio)
  4. Maine.| Orderofthearrow303.| (R) (2nd) (Colorado)
  5. California.| Orderofthearrow303.| (R) (4th) (Colorado)